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3 Tips for Freebies that Build Your Email List

There are two place you might sit on freebies to build your email list:

1.You have not yet created a freebie and you’re stuck on what to offer. You’re like, “I don’t even know what to create, what if people want? How do I make it? What do I make?


2. You’ve already “done” this because it’s really popular advice to create a freebie, but you created it, and it hasn’t really given you the results that you want, you may be collected one or two, two new subscribers and you’re kind of disappointed.

In this blog I’ll break down tips to get the results that you want, either way.

Whats's In a Name?

In this marketing world, freebies can go by a few different names. Of course, freebie is the one that I’m using here: I would say that’s the most popular. Sometimes people call it a “freebie lead”. Another name is “lead magnet” because you’re leading and magnetizing people into your business and the offers that you make. And, another is “opt in”!

Why Build a List?

One of the reasons that email marketing is my favorite way to market online businesses is that it has the best return on investment of any marketing platform out there on average: for every dollar you put in studies have shown that on average, you get $42 back. And that’s pretty insane. If I could do that in the stock market, I definitely would.

On average, an email subscriber is roughly worth about $1 to you per month in your business. Okay, that might not sound like a lot, but think about it this way. When you have 100 subscribers, on average, you can expect about $100 to be generated from your email list every month. And with somebody who has 10,000 subscribers you can expect about $10,000 to be generated from your email list alone every month. That’s a pretty big deal.

You can do your own math on this. I did the math for my business and nd I found that my average subscriber value per month is a lot closer to about $2. Try doing that with 10,000 Instagram followers…even if the swipe up is nice…it’s not that nice! We loveeee consistent income!

So: we want to create something that is going to get people to sign up for our email, because at the end of the day everybody’s inbox is a sacred place. So, that’s why we’re creating a freebie.

Freebie Ideas:

  • Audio
  • Free Course
  • Ebook
  • Guide/Checklist
  • Quiz
  • Community Access
Freebie Lead Ideas

Tip #1: Create Multiple Freebies and Test Them

The first freebie you make might flop. Don’t make it mean more than it does. It doesn’t mean your business sucks. It doesn’t mean you suck and it doesn’t even mean the freebie sucks. It might just need work.

Creating more than one freebie will allow you test and tweak until you have an undeniably amazing, hard to refuse offer.

The other reasons to have more than one freebie to attract different types of people into your business. People will be at different stages of how they are going to interact with your products and services and your freebies should reflect that!

Tip #2: Keep the Freebie Relevant to Your Busines:s

The top mistake I see is people creating freebies that have zero relevance to their business.

Here’s what I mean…

Let’s use an example of Phoebe the photographer. She offers one to one photo sessions. And she also sells Adobe Lightroom presets, Now let’s say Phoebe is interested in growing her email list so she’s going to create a freebie. So what does she create: Phoebe creates a goal planner. And the goal planner is so cool. It’s got 12 months of goal planning space. It has a place for you to track your habits. You can even track how much water you drink on a daily basis! Quite frankly, it’s a really good goal planner She gets quite a lot of subscribers on to her email list and this might seem like a good thing! But let’s fast forward and think about what happens when Phoebe starts emailing these people and talking about one on one photo sessions and her Adobe presets….Are those people going to be receptive to those types of emails? Probably not. And she’s probably going to see a lot of unsubscribes because even if they really like Phoebe and they really like her goal planner,

The harsh truth: there are so many better ideas that if we just realigned Phoebe and her freebie, she could have much better success, not only with building her let her list but her long term success in making income in her business.

So what can Phoebe Do?

Maybe she could use one of her presets a freebie. You get to try it out and see how cool it is and make your Instagram feed or your social media feed look really nice!

Maybe for her one on one photoshoot clients, for example, she could have a checklist on how to get ready for your photoshoot.

Do you see how directly related that is to Phoebe’s business? Wouldn’t those subscribers be a MUCH better group to sell her products and services to!? YES.

Tip #3: "Sell" Your Freebie Often

It’s a mistake to make a freebie and let it collect dust. You need to sell your freebie. 

I mean, how do you sell something that is zero dollars!? The same way as something that’s $7 or $70,000.

Truth: You need to talk about your freebie. You should be putting it into your content calendar. Talk about the benefits, get testimonials, make graphics. Do whatever you need to do to get people interested in this. I promise you that nobody will sign up to be on your email list or sign up to get your freebie if you just let that link sit somewhere and never mention it.

I hope these tips were helpful!

Xoxo, LJ

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LJ helped me building a program integrated with email that brings recurring monthly revenue to my business! I couldn't have done it without her. She's your go-to tech and biz strategy gal!

Lisa P
Founder of Lita Fit

Oh Hey, LJ

Lisa P
Founder of Lita Fit

LJ helped me building a program integrated with email that brings recurring monthly revenue to my business! I couldn't have done it without her. She's your go-to tech and biz strategy gal!
Oh Hey, LJ
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