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Overcoming The Fear of Sales

In this post, I’m going to tackle the fear of selling. If sales feel “icky” to you, you’re gonna want to dive in!

Whether it’s through email marketing, the DMs on Instagram, or anywhere else that you show up online, I hear from you that you don’t want to feel “icky”, you don’t want to over ask, and you certainly don’t want to “bug” anybody. 

Here’s the thing: you might feel like you are asking too much. As women, we have been socially programmed not to ask for things and to give, give, give. But that model, while it can be an important part of your business doesn’t make revenue unless you make offers.

The first mindset shift that I want to walk you through is remembering just how few people actually see the offers that you make.

What percentage of people are seeing your offers? 

Well, if we’re talking about social media, on average, you’re lucky to have a 5% to 6% engagement rate. The people who buy often amounts to less than 1%. With email, depending on what metrics you use to consider for engagement — let’s just stick with opens — between 20 % and about 50% of people will open your emails. But even they do, they may not be reading your calls to action, and fewer, of course, will buy. 

You have to get out of your head this story that absolutely everybody in your audience is seeing your offers, and thinking that you’re asking “too much”. 

 There’s this adage in marketing that says that on average, someone has to see something seven times before they’re ready to buy. So if you think about the small percentage of people who are actually seeing something of yours, on top of the fact that they often need to see it many, many times, you’re definitely not asking enough. 

Now you might write this off as silly and when I first heard this “seven rule of offering” I thought it was a little silly too, but when he took a step back and thought about some of the things that I’ve purchased in my life, it’s true!

Que: Rothy’s

Rothy’s makes the most beautiful, comfortable knit flats and shoes. I started getting Instagram and Facebook ads for them about two years ago. I eventually signed up for their newsletter from their website so that I could stay up-to-date. I must have seen them 25 times a month. I saw them over and over. I eventually followed them on Instagram giving me even more opportunities to see them. 

Still, I was skeptical about buying these flats. Typically I don’t find flats to be comfortable my shoe. My shoe size is slightly different on each foot and most flats give me blisters and are incredibly uncomfortable. The other reason for hesitation: they are quite an investment. Their lowest cost pair of flats is $125. And the pair that I had my eye on was about $150.

But, when I got my corporate job in email marketing that was going to require me to fly around the country and stand all day in the boardrooms of different corporations and teach them for hours on end. Who do you think I thought of first when I was looking for a practical pair of shoes that were going to look professional and be comfortable? 


I was ready to give them a try. 

And now… am I upset? Was I offended or hurt or even annoyed by the 150 times I must have seen their promos before I purchased them?


I intentionally followed and signed up for their products for a reason. I am a very happy Rothy’s customer. My flats have come with me everywhere. They’ve been through a million airports. I’ve washed them multiple times, and they still look great! And honestly, I can’t wait to buy another pair. 

By the Way, Rothy's Are In Fact Amazing, so if you want $20 off your first pair, you can use my link

You are just like Rothy’s

Some people are going to follow you for a while who aren’t ready to make a purchase yet. You create great things. And, you’ve got to make offers over and over. If somebody unfollowed or unsubscribes they weren’t interested in the first place.

Remember this: you make things that make the lives of other people better. So, generating awareness is so important so that a buyer keeps you in mind when they’re ready to make a purchase.

 The bottom line here this: you need to make more offers more frequently than you already do. That is almost a guarantee. 

Does that make it less scary: Maybe not!

This doesn’t solve the base problem here, which is that selling still may not feel aligned. 

Perhaps you still have some blocks. 

Some common things that I hear are:

“I don’t want to take advantage of people.”

“I don’t want people to think that I’m money hungry.”

 I’m afraid of sounding like a car salesman.”  

Sales is simple but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. 

Here’s what I want you to hear: 

The fact that you are a heart-centered and caring person is exactly why we not only want to, but need to buy from you.

You are the perfect person to make the sale, and if you don't you are robbing us of your gifts, and forcing us to get help from people will potentially less pure intentions.


If it still feels “ick” to sell, chances are you’ve become disconnected from or have not clearly defined your why in business.

Maybe you think you know your “why”. But if you’re still shaken about sales, chances are you haven’t gone deep enough.

Let’s use me as an example:
I could say:
I teach female founders email marketing.

But that’s not grounded in a “why” rather, that’s all about the what: avoiding spam, building funnels, etc.

Now, let’s take it one step deeper.

My mission is really about using email marketing as a tool to increase women’s revenue.

But WHY?

Because I know that when they make more revenue, women invest in other women, they create jobs, and they build their communities.

I believe women who have good money, do good things. And in my own way, I’m making the world a better place

I guarantee that whatever you do in business has something just like this.

Take Action:

#1 Journal It Out

Grab a journal and a pen or pencil and write out all of the things that your customer is going to miss out on if they don’t invest in your products or services. 

I want you to really feel it: feel the pain and the discomfort of what you’re taking away from these people by not making offers more often and not leaning into sales. What are you robbing people of?

#2 Practice with a Friend

Practice your offer and your sales pitch with friends. This is another way to get more comfortable with sales because honestly, we’re all nervous when we start doing something. So have a friend or somebody that you can hop on even a 20-minute Zoom call with and talk through all the different points of your product and the transformation you offer. If you can deliver your message with the same relaxed and confident toned you can a friend: you’re way ahead of the game. Some of my best sales copy has come from chats with friends! I tell you about it the same way I would someone I deeply care about (because I do!)

#3 Create a Promotional Schedule to Avoid Audience Burnout

If you’re worried about over asking or promoting too much, indeed, you can’t be 24/7 sales, it just will exhaust people. So there is such a thing as too much selling: you want to find a balance. You can have periods in which you’re in service and audience growth mode and periods of promotion. 

Get a paper or a digital calendar and map out these different times. Even in your social media schedule and you in your email schedule, you can find a ratio of value to sales that feels good. Depending on your industry and your style this will look different!

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LJ helped me building a program integrated with email that brings recurring monthly revenue to my business! I couldn't have done it without her. She's your go-to tech and biz strategy gal!

Lisa P
Founder of Lita Fit

Oh Hey, LJ

Lisa P
Founder of Lita Fit

LJ helped me building a program integrated with email that brings recurring monthly revenue to my business! I couldn't have done it without her. She's your go-to tech and biz strategy gal!
Oh Hey, LJ
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